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Trailways Flyer-Holidays 2023

By December 7, 2023No Comments

“Courage to Care”

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible impact we’ve been able to make together at Trailways Camps. Thanks to the support of our compassionate volunteers, dedicated staff, sponsors, partners, and donors–we have been able to continue to be a “place where you are something special.”

This holiday season we invite you to join us in spreading the warmth of joy and the spirit of giving. Trailways Camps isn’t just a place. It’s a space for everyone–where joy, peace and hope are reflected from each heart. Our overnight camping experiences are tailored specifically for adults with special needs, providing a unique opportunity for them to engage in enriching activities and build lasting connections with peers and neighbors. The magic of Trailways Camps extends beyond the campers, offering caregivers and families a well-deserved respite, knowing their loved ones are in a supportive and caring environment.

How Your gift makes a difference.

Empowering Experiences: Your contribution enables us to organize activities that empower our campers, helping them discover new talents, build confidence, and foster independence.

Respite for Caregivers:  Trailways Camps not only transform the lives of our campers, but also provide much-needed respite for caregivers and families. Your gift ensures they can take a break, recharge and continue providing the love and care their loved ones deserve.

Community Building: By Supporting Trailways Camps, you are helping build a community that understands and embraces the unique abilities of each individual. Your generosity fosters an environment of acceptance, friendship and belonging.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that Trailways Camps continue to be a beacon of joy and support for those who need it most in the new year.  We can’t do this without you!  Give on line or choose from a menu of giving options listed on our Give Page.

Wishing you, and your loved ones a a heart filled with thankfulness for our blessings, and a New Year filled with hope, encouragement and spiritual fulfillment.

Happy Trails,

Sharon & Jerry Miller

We Are Neighbors All!

Each Trailways Camp session includes an opportunity for campers to “give back” to the community.  This is a special service activity that celebrates connection with each person that is touched by an active of giving.  At the October Camp campers filled children’s backpacks with nutrition, hygiene, playful items that included special teddy bears–for distribution by the Alva Food Bank.

In November each camper brought a dry or canned good item with them to camp and packed food baskets to accompany turkey and ham distributions made by the Alva Food Bank.

New You Tube HANDLE!

Our RVM BGM You Tube Channel is where you can check in to watch Trailways Camp videos and related special videos is now accessible @trailwayscamps–You can Subscribe for automatic links when new videos are posted.

EVENT & CAMP HAPPENINGS–Sharing our gifts and talents

The Joyful Spirit Academy—We welcome Dago to the Academy at the October 2023 Hosted Camp.

Benjamin G. Miller “Joyful Spirit Award”

A tradition that is part of each Trailways Camp Session is the Awards Assembly at which campers themselves are recognized for the gifts they bring, the achievements reached, and the most remarkable character reflections visible during the gathering. This tradition is carried forward to the Annual “I AM SPECIAL” Camper Reunion & Birth Day event. There are four Founders Awards—one of which has been The Birth Day Closest to that of Benjamin Miller. Upon thoughtful and spiritual reflection we made the decision to release this award, and to establish a new award going forward.

Benjamin lived each day as a joyful spirit. Disappointments or frustrations on a day never carried forward to another day. He loved His Lord and loved each person created by Him. Loving others, serving others, participating in relationships with others were at the core of who he was. This new award recognizes these exceptional characteristics in a participating camper. Niki Dondero and Allison Occhionero received this award during the 22/23 Camp Year.