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Frequently Asked Questions



Who is eligible?

We do not require, or select campers, based on a diagnosis, type of disability, or other characteristic.  All adults with a disability are eligible to apply.  The provider will match resources, staff supports and activities to each individual selected as part of a diverse pool of participants for each particular camp/retreat.  



Is there a population priority?  

Adults over the age of 18, living with family or a caregiver in need of respite support are a priority population.



How much does the Robert V. & Benjamin G. Miller Fund spend on administration? 

100% of donated dollars are used for direct services.  All administrative and development activities for the Fund are completed by volunteers at no cost to the Fund.



What is a provider organization? 

Non profit organizations apply to be a provider. The Founders select organizations that have the ability to hire and train qualified staff, develop a program of meaningful activities, are able to work as a team with the site director and able to meet health, safety and quality standards.  One or more providers may be selected for funding, and different providers may develop program activities with different themes or focus.

How long have camping experiences been provided through the Fund?

The first camp was held in May 2007.  Camps have been funded every year since 2007-- first in Central Texas and then in SW Florida since 2012.



What is the cost for a camper? 

Costs will vary based on the number of days in the camp session. The range is $1100-$1400. Campers may contribute toward the cost of camp as they are able.  Most are very low income and are unable to pay. When sponsorship is unavailable from other sources the Fund scholarship's the cost. A small, non refundable, application fee is charged for each camper. 


What is the source of money for the Fund?

The Fund receives donations from the Miller family, devoted individual friends, followers, and some organizations with interest in providing these experiences for adults with special needs. Many have contributed through donations made during a Special Missions month at Sanibel Community Church. Others have contributed through the Missions Committee of Captiva Chapel By the Sea. The Sanibel-Captiva Lions Club has provided an annual contribution for camper scholarships.


Donations are are also received throughout the year. Two funding campaign events are held each year--1. The "I AM SPECIAL Challenge". This is an annual on line campaign held in the spring of each year.  The campaign concludes with a reunion of campers family members,and volunteers at a birth day party hosted by the Founders.  2. The second fundraiser is the on line Holiday Campaign that runs from November 1 through January 31 of each year.