The Robert V. & Benjamin G. Miller Fund was established to develop and provide camping experiences  for adults with special needs and respite for their caregivers. 
Campers thrive having fun, friends and support while parents and caregivers are able to rest, relax and enjoy some time for themselves .  
The idea of camping experiences for adults with disabilities began as a vision of the Miller family, after the passing of our son Robert in the Fall
of 2005. Robert was born with severe disabilities, and truly enjoyed the time he spent attending camp as a child and young adult.  
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To strengthen the family legacy the Fund was renamed in 2012 to the Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Fund.  Benjamin was reunited with his brother in April 2020. 


Robert and Ben had a very special relationship with their Grandpa Miller and Uncle Tom who were incredible supporters of the camping program. Mr. Miller, Tom and Fran 

Miller, & Kathy and Terry Paramore have been donors and 

supporters of the Fund since it was established in late 2005 in memory of Robert V. Miller. 

Grandpa and Uncle Tom are greatly missed, but their love, faith, inspiration and generosity will continue to inspire.

Future Legacy

One thing we all know is that there will be a day when we cannot do what we do now. The Founders have formally appointed their daughter Kristina Beuning as Successor Advisor to the Robert V. & Benjamin G. Miller Fund.  In 2017 a Legacy sub account to the Fund was established. Provisions for leadership transition have been made through additional estate planning.  

2019 BenDadMom copy 3.jpg

Happy Trails to you dearest Benjamin

Until we meet again........

             Mom and Dad Miller