Individuals, over the age of 18, with special needs are invited to apply. Acceptance is NOT based on diagnosis or types of disabilities/special needs.  The provider organization is responsible for selecting a pool of campers that is diverse and able to form relationships as a whole.  Prior camps have had individuals with a variety of special 

needs resulting from cognitive, vision, hearing, mobility,  traumatic brain, emotional and substance use issues and a variety of other chronic conditions that have been addressed through appropriate staff selection and training. 




Favorite activities have included fishing, swimming, hiking, hayrides, campfires and smores, canoeing, arts and crafts, spiritual experiences, music including dances, talent shows, the challenge course, horseback riding, water skiing, archery and many more.  Sometimes shows or activities have been brought in such as the Imaginarium, Trooper the Blind Raccoon, or The Shy Wolf Sanctuary Ambassador.

Each day includes rest times, good food, activity choices and lots of fun.

.How To Apply--Campers

Application for camp can be made in several ways:

1.Contact the Trailways Camp Coordinator, at 239-995-2106 Ext. 2312.

2.Apply on line at https://trailways.campbrainstaff.com  You will be contacted by the Trailways Camp Coordinator.

3.Email Trailways Camp Coordinator-- trailwayscamps@gmail.com


A Registration Fee of $35 is requested by the due date communicated by the Coordinator. Campers/families are also encouraged to contribute toward the cost of their camp session by making a voluntary donation to the Robert V. & Benjamin G. Miller Fund. Guidelines for consideration are provided on the Mission page of this website and a link for on line donations is on the Home page. 



Our Fall 2021 residential Trailways Camp and Host Partner is Goodwill Industries Southwest, Florida, Inc.

Community wide collaborations in which we participate  are led by:

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Specialized provider organizations, serving adults special needs, may apply for a 

Hosted Trailways camp or retreat relationship. These collaborations are individualized based on shared mission and goals. Site organization and operations are organized by a selected Host partner.  The program is designed by the Founders in partnership with the community organization requesting a collabaorative relationship.  Examples are: Day Retreat with Hope Clubhouse, and a Protected Harbor Spiritual Retreat. Others are being explored.

E-Mail-RV.BG.LegacyFund@gmail.com for more information.

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TRAIL.WAYS Forward...

   Into the Next Decade!

We also partner with many activity providers such as Ann's Angels, private businesses such as Jeff's Repair Service, and our incredible individual volunteers.